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Shocking Thoughts

4 August, 2016

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Disturbing thoughts?

Have you ever found yourself thinking something just plain awful?

And then felt guilty and ashamed of yourself?

Psychologist, Eric Klinger at the University of Minnesota, did a landmark experiment nearly 30 years ago.  He asked people to take a handheld device for one week.  Whenever the handheld device emitted a noise, the subjects in his experiment had to record what they were thinking.  His research showed that people had about 90 thoughts per day that felt unwanted and uncomfortable.  These were mean thoughts such as “I’m glad my ex is unhappy” or politically incorrect thoughts such as “I would hate to have a child with a disability”read more »

Shedding light on the subject – how light or lack of it affects us

1 April, 2016

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Human beings have been on earth since the Stone Age (around 100,000 years ago), and it is only in the last 200 years, following the Industrial Revolution, that billions of people have moved into cities. Way back, we lived in roving, close-knit bands following a hunter-gatherer way of life. We lived in places like the savannahs of Africa where it is hot and there are serious levels of sunlight. read more »