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Shedding light on the subject – how light or lack of it affects us

1 April, 2016

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Human beings have been on earth since the Stone Age (around 100,000 years ago), and it is only in the last 200 years, following the Industrial Revolution, that billions of people have moved into cities. Way back, we lived in roving, close-knit bands following a hunter-gatherer way of life. We lived in places like the savannahs of Africa where it is hot and there are serious levels of sunlight. read more »

Keep the fire burning – making love last

14 February, 2016

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“The fire won’t keep going if you forget to put logs on it guys,” is a catchphrase in our house. It is usually uttered when my husband and I have been out, leaving the children in charge, and we come home to a dead fire and cold house.

And so it is with love. Without fuel, your perfectly flaming fire will turn into a grey pile of cold ashes. What was once hot, hot love is now dead and cold. And we’re surprised. How did this happen? How did that hunk of spunk turn into that person I passed on the way to the loo this morning?

As a couples therapist over the years, I’ve noted some pointers for keeping the love fires burning. Here are my “top-10 logs” for the relationship fire: read more »

Mindfulness Matters

1 November, 2012

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— Mindful mums have healthier newborns.

— Mindful seniors are less lonely.

— Mindfulness increases gray matter in the brain. read more »

Better Grades for the Physically Fit

17 October, 2012

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Students who are more physically fit score higher in reading and math. read more »

RETHINK and prevent child abuse!

5 April, 2012

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As part of National Child Abuse Prevention month in the U.S., the American Psychological Association has shared a great information card for parents, caregivers and whanau. read more »