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Paypal confirmation

2 August, 2013

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Thank you. We look forward to seeing you at our event. A GST receipt will be emailed in due course.

Psychology Associates
Development Centre
1st Floor, 49 Water St
03 4777 120

Kids, Food, and Attachment

23 May, 2013

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Attachment theory is a longstanding and influential set of ideas that forms the basis for a number of therapies used by many psychologists. The theory states that parent-child attachment, which begins at birth, can have a major impact on the child’s brain development, emotional health, and future relationships with others. read more »

Night Time Is The Right Time

9 May, 2013

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Do you have a busy schedule during the day but want to do some self-care? Is it hard to find a time to work on your relationship problems given busy work hours? Do you have a child who could use some support, but you don’t want them to miss any school getting it? Or do you just function better in the evenings? read more »

Mood Food

28 March, 2013

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You are what you eat. That’s how the saying goes. But did you know that what you eat can play a big part in how you feel as well?

A recent resurgence of interest in the interaction of nutrition and mental health has yielded some important and potentially life-changing results. For instance, a review of the literature (Luppino et al., 2010) found that obesity increases the risk of depression, as well as depression increasing the risk of obesity. read more »

Alzeimer’s = diet-induced diabetes?

27 February, 2013

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Neuropathologist Suzanne M. de la Monte recently published research that suggests that Alzheimer’s disease (a form of dementia) is similar to diabetes. read more »