Being a Netflix subscriber, this study made for a fascinating insight into the lives of 18-25 year old binge viewers.  A study published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine this year showed that the more nights a week you binge viewed (defined as watching multiple episodes of the same series in one viewing), the more nights a week you will have associated difficulty sleeping.  80% of this age group reported binge viewing. 

Twenty percent of this group binge watched several times per week.  Frequency of the binge was more important in regard to sleep than the duration of the binge.  The authors suggest that it is the complex story lines in “bingeable” TV shows that left viewers thinking about the show after they stopped watching.

Useful advice might be to moderate the bingeing to fewer nights per week or to introduce relaxation and mindfulness techniques after bingeing to help the brain “wind down” before bed.  If you need help with sleep or Netflix addiction(!) any one of our clinical psychologists can help.

Thanks to the folks who produce the Sleep Medicine Research Review (Issue 15 – 2017) for their interesting summary of results.